Pate Cemetery 262


  • chuck king on 2010-Sep-28 21:46:05 chuck king said

    My father charles lee king was born leroy creech to raymond and beatrice creech and was later put up for adoption with two sisters and one brother franklin. The baby sister debbie lane lives in clinton and the older sister was adopted and lives around Greensboro and Franklin who was never adopted last known was in the western part of NC. I was wondering if anyone has additional information about this man and his family. I have met all these siblings years ago but now as an adult would like to find them.
  • Charles Nelson Best on 2010-Oct-20 19:39:59 Charles Nelson Best said

    I went to school and played football with your Charles Lee. I worked with Raymond and Franklin. I attended Raymond's funeral. I have not seen Charles Lee or Franklin in 44 years. I also worked with
    with Raymond's brother Edward. I liked all of the Folks, good people.

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