Katie C. Carter


  • Charleen Walker-Horton on 2010-Dec-20 18:54:56 Charleen Walker-Horton said

    Kate C. Carter, was the youngest daughter of Lindon Buz Carter, b. 1872-1936 and Sallie Ann Boyd Carter, b. 1879-1968. Kate's siblings were, Lillian B. Carter Alston, b.1902-1989, Thomas L. Carter, b.1905-1983, Mozelle A. Carter, b.1908-1993, Portia Mildred Carter Smith Shipley, b.1910-1986, Edna L. Earl Carter Walden, b.1911-1972, R. Wilmer Carter, b.1918-1932, Melroy C. Carter, b.1920-1960 & Dan Shepherd Carter, b.1923-1983. Kate C. Carter was the granddaughter of Washington William Carter & Elizabeth "Betsey/Bettie" Mills/Snow Carter, b.1830-1926, great granddaughter of Edy Carter, b. 1768-1830/40.
  • Charleen Walker-Horton on 2011-Sep-13 12:27:34 Charleen Walker-Horton said

    Katie's Certificate of Death indicates she died as a result of exhaustion from a burning accident. Her clothes caught on fire from an open fireplace.

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