Sadie L. Fitts


  • Charleen Walker-Horton on 2010-Sep-13 17:35:19 Charleen Walker-Horton said

    Sadie Lee Fitts was the daughter of Eddie Lewis Fitts, b. 1876-1924 and Ellen Dollie Fannie (Carter) Fitts, b. 1882-1964, granddaughter of Benjamin Fitts, b. 1844-1900/10 and Fannie (Christmas) Fitts, b. 1856-???? and Plummer Carter, b. 1836-1912 and Frances E. (Howard) Carter, b. 1850-1930. Great granddaughter of Benjamin Nicholson, b. abt. 1808-???? and Mariah Fitts, b. abt. 1810-???? and William Carter, b. 1801-bef. 1900 and Polly (Evans) Carter, b. 1805-bef. 1900. Great-great granddaughter of Edy Carter, b. 1768-1830/40.
  • Charleen Walker-Horton on 2011-Aug-06 20:54:28 Charleen Walker-Horton said

    Sadie Lee Fitts was born 1 July 1901 to 28 Dec. 1972.

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